Virtual investor meetings: The show must go on

Attracting capital for business is often a difficult undertaking, and is increasingly challenging in the current COVID-19 climate. Whether an emerging business looking for critical next-stage financing, a mature business looking for growth capital or, worse, any business in the current pandemic looking for emergency working capital, chances are that businesses are experiencing substantial additional hurdles to or failing to obtain much-needed financial backing.

Investors with dry powder are readying themselves for a potential buying spree once conditions stabilize and pricing becomes more predictable. However, for those without dry powder, that were already fundraising or that were about to commence a new fundraising, COVID-19 has unsettled well-laid plans. These businesses are looking for ways to raise new capital quickly and efficiently so as not to miss the perceived opportunities.

As we all come to terms with a new normal, our world has become fully virtual—essentially overnight. Although we’re physically distant from one another, that doesn’t mean we have to remain socially or intellectually distant from one another. Fortunately, now more than ever, the technology needed to maintain productivity through difficult times is readily available.

For businesses that want to raise new capital in the short-term, most investors are starting to accept diligence on a new fund or investment over video or teleconferences, given they are familiar with the manager and its products, prior performance and infrastructure.

Virtual investor road show

Recently, I utilised a business whom offer a 90 day bespoke process, allowing businesses to meet allocators/investors virtually. This virtual roadshow has been created through unique partnerships with global Ministries of Investments and Sovereign Wealth Funds, allowing up to 50 virtual face to face meetings with investors, funds and family offices.

Happy to put you in touch if this is a service you require at this time.

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